Zest for Education of Youth Brings Rhythm Arts and Humanities
Zest for Education of Youth Brings Rhythm Arts and Humanities


School Programs

Advance arts education in school, after school or in life long learning

ZEYBRAH produces the Oceans of Rhythm Festival with the support of the City of Long Branch Community Development Office and the Long Branch Department of Recreation. We offer workshops to all youth in Long Branch and other parts of Monmouth County, many which are in preparation of the festival. We present assembly programs at all school levels throughout Monmouth County.

In past years we have worked closely with various organizations, such as: United Passaic Partnership against Substance Abuse, Sink or Swim Mentoring Program, the Aslyn Youth Ministry, The Monmouth County Park System, The Alliance Against Drugs and Alcohol, a division of the Human Service Division, for Long Branch, West Long Branch and Oceanport, etc. We reach out to these and other groups to notify their members of our workshops and festivals.

We teach and give workshops about the folkloric content that is a part of our festival. We also utilize the arts as a springboard for discussions of philosophy, history and concepts related to modern living. Our aim is to present positive alternatives for youth and adults that promote cultural awareness, self-esteem, social responsibility and give life long learning and appreciation for arts and culture.