Zest for Education of Youth Brings Rhythm Arts and Humanities
Zest for Education of Youth Brings Rhythm Arts and Humanities


Moment in Time Festival

13th Annual Moment In Time Festival - RUMBA GLOBAL

Sunday, December 16th at The Brecht Forum, NYC

451 West Street (West Side Highway, between Bank & Bethune, north of W. 11th St.)

An African Film, Music, Dance & Theatre Program for World Peace
TIME: 4:00 - 6:00 Films Screening Q&A with filmmakers
6:00 - 8:00 Rumba Global: Rumba and World Beat Music
8:-00 - 9:00 Rumba cafť and jam session

-Film Screenings Q&A Dr. Berta Jottar presents NYC Rumba: Rhythm and Resistance and several documentaries in honor of Miriam Makeba
-Yakar Roots and Rhythms Drum and Dance Company from Senegal, West Africa
-Gene Golden and QuintoMayor featuring Roman Diaz and Abraham Rodriguez
-Senuba Melody: "The Healing" fusion of Senegalese and Cuban music and dance theatre

Admission FREE / Suggested Donation $5.00

ZEYBRAH (Zest for Education of Youth Brings Rhythm Arts and Humanities) and the OCDC (Orisha Community Development Corporation) are proud to present the 13th annual Moment In Time Festival -RUMBA GLOBAL. Our theme for this year's explosive musical extravaganza is: 'healing through music."

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ZEYBRAH is making an urgent appeal for your support, due to financial cutbacks plus our goal to raise a substantial amount of money to be sent to South Africa, for Miriamís organization, The Miriam Makeba Rehabilitation Centre for Abused Girls.

We are counting on you to be generous and help in any manner that you deem appropriate. Gifts can be sent online through a secure system, (ZEYBRAH.org) or mailed to ZEYBRAH. We thank you in advance for your support, and tax deductible contributions.

ZEYBRAH is collaborating with South African cast members of the Broadway show The Lion King, including Bongi Duma, who will spearhead a special band, that will play many of Miriamís famous and cherished songs. Other components of the festival are: a program/booklet (which will include dedications in the form of quotations, poems, drawings, bios of artsts), film/video showing, art exhibition, and a reception.

Miriam Makeba toured the world and brought joy to millions with her magnificent voice and song. She was awarded honorary doctorates, had passports from over 10 counties, recorded hundreds of songs, and introduced African music to countless people around the globe. She was the goodwill ambassador for FAO, and supported campaigns for HIV/Aids awareness; she often addressed the UN on human rights issues.

You may choose to place an add in our program; you may check our website, (ZEYBRAH.org) or mail contributions to: ZEYBRAH, P.O. Box 6, Cliffwood, NJ 07721.
Thank you so much for your support. We appreciate all donations.

The Moment In Time Festival is a celebration of African and African/ Caribbean cultural heritage through the arts. The festival began in 1984 as a multi-media family festival, and has evolved over the years into a tribute honoring the memory of a cultural hero with a program that reflects their contributions. Click to enlarge
Each year the festival pays tribute to a member of our wide cultural community who has passed on, through a multidisciplinary celebration of African arts. Festival's past honorees have included Mongo Santamaria, Leopold Senghor, Ronald Balogun Love, Papa Ladji Camara, Puntilla Rios, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Funmilayo Anikulapo Kuti, Baba Olukose Wiles and Baba Kwami Ishangi, the Obalesu of Nigeria, and Maguette Fall and upcoming Miriam Makeba.

The Moment In Time Festival is designed to promote global peace and understanding, often drawing on the rich cultural heritages of Senegal, Nigeria and Cuba. It includes folkloric and modern music and drumming, storytelling and traditional African dance, integrated with a message of peace and unity.


    The goals of the Moment in Time Festival:
  • To take 'a moment in time' to honor individuals who have made a significant impact on society, especially through (though not limited) to African-related arts.
  • To honor individuals who may not be prominent in the mass media, and thus little know to a wider public, but whose contributions are vital to the community and world.
  • To promote awareness of, appreciation for the depths and breadth of African traditional, performance arts: drumming, dance, theatre, music, singing, etc.
  • To bring together people from all ethnic groups, in support of a universal message of World Peace, through the celebration of the vitality and richness of African arts.
  • To showcase local and international talent, with 'family friendly' events.
  • To provide quality cultural and educational entertainment to the local community and, through various media, extend to groups who could not attend the event (through videos, recordings) Events are usually free!
  • To produce original works in literature (biographies, stories, poems) and art (music, dance, films) that can be recorded and preserved for posterity.
  • To create art works that can then be appreciated by the community at large, as well as the family and extended family of the honorees, and future descendents.
  • To reach out to the youth and to stimulate their appreciation of folkloric arts by providing a bridge between contemporary youth culture and the traditional arts of their ancestors.